Property, people, service and creativity are themes of Anne’s work and life experience.

Property interests commenced with purchase of a rental property in her early 20s. This then evolved into owning her own homes, some of which she subdivided and some of which she integrated small business enterprise.

Involvement in the service sector of property grew out of her work and personal interest in environmental, tourism, food and arts sectors. In 2002, Anne established gorepani gallery/café in the beautiful lower Kalgan region of Albany. The gallery was subsequently relocated to dual use commercial/residential premises in the CBD and business thrived until the economic down in 2008.

At this point, a change was required. Anne turned her interests to property. She established and operated a number of short stay accommodation facilities in Perth and Albany and at the same time moved into residential property management roles in Hopetoun and Albany.

It wasn’t long, however, before she turned to selling real estate, where her creative flair, interest in people and passion for property could flourish. That’s where she is today and that is where she intends staying for many years to come.

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